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Digg / Reddit / / Feature Request: Mirrors

The slashdot effect… A site being dugg… Deadit…  

Like pretty much anyone with time on their hands a thirst for knowledge, I tend to visit sites like and on a frequent basis.

What I still don’t get however, is why none of them have direct links to automagical mirrors on their site? You could even have little icons next to them to report them as “down / not mirrored”. e.g:

Example on

It’s not that hard – most of the sites support an easy way to get to their caches (the links go to various examples):

By having the links there, some people will click on them, and populate the cache for everyone else. Or alternatively, digg / reddit could fire off web requests to each cache when a story passes a certain threshold. I was going to prove how easy it is by writing a few javascript bookmarklets for it, but a quick google search revealed that Stephen has done the “hard” work

And yes, the irony of this post is that it might even get dugg 🙂